miércoles, 9 de febrero de 2011

Mañana is Today Mazatlan Contes


The Mazatlan Developers Association (a consortium of 10 premium home and condominium builders Escondido Towers is one of the founders members ) created the Mañana is Today essay contest to share the beauty and culture of Mazatlan. Entrants from British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Alberta provinces in Canada, as well as Washington state in the U.S. were invited to submit an essay of up to 300 words about what they would do with a week in Mazatlan. Each winner and a guest receive airline travel, luxury accommodations, paid excursions and $500 USD to spend as they wish, courtesy of the Mazatlan Developers Association.
All the lucky winners got to see a lot of Mazatlán, for example, they went sightseeing all the beautiful surroundings of the city, like the Old Mazatlán, where they were able to enjoy all the local cuisine that this city has to offer. They even got an incredible tour at the Pacífico Brewery and learned about curious facts about the brewery and the beer that is produced there.
After visiting so many places around Mazatlán, the winners were able to relax and enjoy delicious seafood by the shore at Stone Island with a little detour to view the lighthouse from the sea. While they were there, they enjoyed the sunset, the beach and practiced some horseback riding which was quite an experience for some of the winners. Either way, they really enjoyed it!.
This trip definitely was an amazing adventure for our winners that got to see and experience new different things from back home. We are totally sure, that they are completely enamored of the Mazatlan experience and can honestly say one week is just not enough to be in Mazatlán and get to know it even more.

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