jueves, 30 de diciembre de 2010

Mazatlan Condo Community Escondido Towers

“Flor de Noche Buena”, known in the United States of America as “The Poinsettia” (named after Dr. Joel Poinsett, a U.S. diplomat who served as Minister to Mexico in the 1820's), is a traditional flower that is used for decoration by many people around the world during the Christmas Holidays. This mexican native flower was originally used by the Aztecs because the sap from the plant brac was from great use, as it helped to reduce sever fevers to their people!!
Curious Facts:
· The more blooms Poinsettias have, the more expensive the plant will cost.
· Poinsettias are commercially grown in all 50 states of United States.
· There are over 100 varieties of this plant.
· Out of 100%, 80% of Poinsettias are purchased by women.
· Poinsettia is the most popular Christmas plant around the world.

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