lunes, 3 de enero de 2011

Mazatlan Condo Community Escondido Towers


The pulmonia, created by Miguel Ramírez Urquijo in 1965, is an open-air taxi, little more than fiberglass go-carts powered by Volkswagen Bug engines. Why is this funny looking car named “Pulmonía”? Because taxi drivers warned tourists and customers not to ride in the door-les, window-less vehicles because they’d catch pneumonia, and that’s how the name got stuck. They are so famous that they’ve became a local trademark and so amazing that people from all over México bring their old Bugs to Mazatlán to get them sold for parts for pulmonias. Pulmonias are part of Mazatlan’s culture, so when you come visit, don’t forget to hop in on of them and have the ride of your life!

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