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Mazatlan Condos Escondido Towers

TRADITIONAL FOOD IN MAZATLAN In Mazatlan the traditional regional food is delicious and not as hot and spicy as it is in the south of the country, but it is very tasty. Some examples of traditional dishes are: pozole, menudo, the wonderful tortilla soup, chilaquiles, enchiladas and of course sea food, especially since Mazatlan is considered internationally “the shrimp capital”. At any home it is common to find marlin stew or shrimp ceviche, pescado zarandeado, breaded shrimp, shrimp empanadas, shrimp brochette and more; any of this dishes are served with rice or guacamole on site; and if u like fruits, here you will find the freshest fruit like mango, pineapple, guava, banana, watermelon, papaya and surely coconut. There is a very characteristic drink made of fruits like a smoothie and is called "Raspado". I have a good recommendation for you, after eating any of this succulent treat and make it part of your daily life take a nice and slow walk by the largest boardwalk in Mexico "el malecón de Mazatlán" just to keep in good shape and feel the cool breeze while enjoying our worldwide sunset. That is what a lot of people who have made Mazatlan their home do; and they really enjoy living in this paradise.

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Mazatlan Condos Escondido Towers

Whether you are here for a visit or here to stay, good health care is important. Generally heath care here is much less expensive, and the quality can be very good. Many people choose Mazatlan as the place to have their cosmetic surgery done. There are several modern hospitals and many good doctors. It's best to consult with a local who knows before choosing a doctor, dentist, or optometrist.
Balboa Hospital
Sharp Hospital
Cruz Roja Mexicana (Red Cross)
Medical Diagnostic Ultrasound
Sanatorio Divina Providencia
Clinica del Mar
Clinica Siglo XXI

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Right next to the shore line, our “Malecón” is one of everybody’s favorite places in Mazatlán; it has a distance of 17 km and it starts from the Golden Zone and ends in Olas Altas. It is also important to mention that our malecon takes the 2nd spot in the world’s largest malecon, after the one in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil. This place gets really busy by people that visit it all the time; There are so many options to do while being there, such as watching our beautiful sunsets, taking pictures, exercising, or simply just to have a little quality time with your family and friends. It is definitely an experience you should not ignore.

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We’re getting so close to Carnaval, Mazatlan’s biggest and oldest annual all-city celebration. The modern version of this pre-Lenten romp began here in 1988, but the tradition of whooping it up before Lent had its local origins in the early 1800’s. Mazatlán is one of the places that takes its carnaval very seriously and it’s certainly the largest carnaval in México. The goings-on last for nearly a week. This year, party time is from March 3 through 8. But pre-Carnaval doings actually begin well before the first of the year and include many events designed to rev up the excitement and anticipation before the main event.
This year’s theme is “The Return of the Muses”. These nine goddesses from Greek mythology were supposed to inspire the arts and sciences. How there figures will inspire the scenery for the shows and the dozens of parade floats remains to be seen. But you can be sure it will be spectacular. Carnaval always is.
There will be two parades along Mazatlan’s seashore street and there will be two fireworks displays. To top it all off, there will be a street dance at Olas Altas nearly a kilometer long, with bands of musicians spaced and intervals along the way. The dancing will continue every night of Carnaval. Fun times!

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Mazatlan Condo Community Escondido Towers

Mazatlan’s lighthouse is located right on the south of the city, on top of the Hill called “Cerro del Crestón”. This lighthouse has a length of 641 mts., 321 mts wide and a height of 157 mts which make it world’s highest and natural lighthouse, after Gibraltar’s lighthouse, located in Spain. While you go up hiking, you will see so many people, locals and tourists, looking for some adventures and some fun. When you get to the top, you will get to see Mazatlan’s coastline which looks like a necklace dotted with jeweled beaches and vibrant colored buildings, perfectly illustrating why this town is often referred to as “The Pacific Pearl”.

Mazatlan Sunsets at Escondido Towers

This picture represents one of the many sunsets that Mazatlán has to offer. If you come and visit us, you will see our beautiful coastline at its best and at the same time you can keep yourself busy doing outdoors activities like golfing, horseback riding, surfing, sailing and fishing. If you don’t feel like doing this kind of activities, you can also relax enjoying fresh seafood and drinks at the outdoors of the several restaurants that Mazatlán has. So once you’re visiting, don’t come back home without doing one of this activities that will make you have the time of your life!.

Mañana is Today Mazatlan Contes


The Mazatlan Developers Association (a consortium of 10 premium home and condominium builders Escondido Towers is one of the founders members ) created the Mañana is Today essay contest to share the beauty and culture of Mazatlan. Entrants from British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Alberta provinces in Canada, as well as Washington state in the U.S. were invited to submit an essay of up to 300 words about what they would do with a week in Mazatlan. Each winner and a guest receive airline travel, luxury accommodations, paid excursions and $500 USD to spend as they wish, courtesy of the Mazatlan Developers Association.
All the lucky winners got to see a lot of Mazatlán, for example, they went sightseeing all the beautiful surroundings of the city, like the Old Mazatlán, where they were able to enjoy all the local cuisine that this city has to offer. They even got an incredible tour at the Pacífico Brewery and learned about curious facts about the brewery and the beer that is produced there.
After visiting so many places around Mazatlán, the winners were able to relax and enjoy delicious seafood by the shore at Stone Island with a little detour to view the lighthouse from the sea. While they were there, they enjoyed the sunset, the beach and practiced some horseback riding which was quite an experience for some of the winners. Either way, they really enjoyed it!.
This trip definitely was an amazing adventure for our winners that got to see and experience new different things from back home. We are totally sure, that they are completely enamored of the Mazatlan experience and can honestly say one week is just not enough to be in Mazatlán and get to know it even more.