viernes, 14 de enero de 2011

Mazatlan Condo Community Escondido Towers

The Old Mazatlán, located in the south of this city, is one of the most beautiful places of Mazatlán that offers you beauty and charm at its best. This is an area where tourists and locals go just to relax or have some food and drinks as there are several restaurants that offer sidewalk tables for your enjoyment. The centre of this area is the Plazuela Machado (Machado Square), which is a great place to sit down and relax on its benches that make people want to stay there forever. Through the Old Mazatlán, you can walk along its narrow streets full of nostalgy, visit its ancients buildings and hear some of this area’s history. In this area, you can also find some art crafts and clothing stores that offers you a lot of variety of products according to our amazing culture.

miércoles, 5 de enero de 2011

Mazatlan Condo Community Escondido Towers


Paseo Olas Altas, a beautiful spot to relax, is part of the Old Mazatlán, which is one of the most visited touristic places in this city by many people whether they are locals or tourists throughout the year. During Carnaval of Mazatlán, which takes place every February, is when Olas Altas gets crowded the most because people from all over the world come and celebrate and admire our beautiful annual celebration of this magnificient event.
Paseo olas altas is also a place where people can go and practice some exercise, whether is jogging, walking, rollerblading, swimming, bycicling; they can also walk their pets, or just simply enjoy our beautiful sunsets that this peculiar spot offers us at any hour of the day.

lunes, 3 de enero de 2011

Mazatlan Condo Community Escondido Towers


The pulmonia, created by Miguel Ramírez Urquijo in 1965, is an open-air taxi, little more than fiberglass go-carts powered by Volkswagen Bug engines. Why is this funny looking car named “Pulmonía”? Because taxi drivers warned tourists and customers not to ride in the door-les, window-less vehicles because they’d catch pneumonia, and that’s how the name got stuck. They are so famous that they’ve became a local trademark and so amazing that people from all over México bring their old Bugs to Mazatlán to get them sold for parts for pulmonias. Pulmonias are part of Mazatlan’s culture, so when you come visit, don’t forget to hop in on of them and have the ride of your life!